"Giving the children of Olevolos hope through education to be the change in the world"  



Be.The.Change is a non-profit organization affiliated with the Olevolos Project, an orphanage for single-parent and extremely vulnerable children, in Tanzania. Our organization hopes to provide the orphans of the Olevolos Project with education and knowledge


On Sunday April 11th, Laurel School hosted a Pancake Breakfast, and the proceeds made were split between Hope For Honduran Children and Be.The.Change. A donation of over $800 was given to Be.The.Change. We would specially like to thank John Robbins for organizing the event, and we also greatly appreciate the Laurel parents and students who volunteered at this event.  ______________________________________________________________________


On Wednesday, January 20th, Be.The.Change had a "Dine to Donate" fundraiser at California Pizza Kitchen at Legacy Village in Lyndhurst, OH where 20% of the restaurant's revenue that day was donated to us . Thank you so much to everyone who came and supported especially to the Laurel community! We were told by one of the servers that it was the "best Dine to Donate turnout [they] had ever had". We raised around $600 during this event. 



We are proud to say that the Olevolos Project has recently opened the nursery school, and the first group of students have arrived!!! Dory Gannes, the director of the Olevolos Project, stated, "We are really, really excited to confirm that on Monday, we opened the doors of the Olevolos Center. We have 28 new, beautiful students, 4 full-time staff members, 24-hour security desks, chairs, exercise books, chalkboards, and cooking supplies." Thank you to everyone who has supported Be.The.Change and allowed this dream to become a reality.



In the last three days, Be.The.Change hosted a stand at the Artisan Bazaar at Laurel School. We raised $400 by selling our t-shirts and hand-made candles.



Just today, we transferred $6,600 to the Olevolos Project, which will allow the building of the nursery school to commence in the upcoming weeks! Thank you so much for all your donations and for buying t-shirts.



We have recently returned from our trip to Tanzania, Africa. Our journey began on June 14th and lasted for two weeks. We spent our time exploring the culture, education, environment, economics, politics, people and lifestyle of Tanzania with our travels through the villages of Arusha, city of Dar Es Salaam and island of Zanzibar. From climbing part of Mt. Kilimanjaro and bargaining in local markets to visiting the United States Embassy in Dar Es Salaam and hearing firsthand what it's like to live with AIDS from a single parent, our trip was both educational and eye-opening.

We also spent a great deal of time at the Olevolos Project. It was our first time that we have dedicated ourselves to, and it was truly rewarding. However, the most memorable part of our trip was spending time with the children of Olevolos. We taught them english, played games and soccer and even tie-dyed with them. Although we only stayed in Tanzania for two weeks, we came back truly impacted by the various aspects of such a complex nation.   



The concert--

With over 110 attendees and the t-shirt sales skyrockting, we made $1,800!!!

It was an incredible night with over half of the attendees decked out in Be.The.Change shirts listening to the amazing music. We are incredibly grateful to The Grog Shop and the three bands, Obsidian, Back for More and Squints Big Move, and Brett Fromson for being so generous with their time and dedicating themselves to our organization. We would like to thank Starbucks, Panera, Chipotle, Game Stop, Barnes and Nobles, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for their donations.  We hope to have more events like this and attract even more people to help spread awareness of our organization!!!




Save the date!!

A benefit concert for Be.The.Change on April 25th from 6-8:30 P.M at the Grog Shop located on:
2785 Euclid Hts Blvd
Cleveland Hts Ohio 44106 





Back For More

Squints Big Move

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-Free t-shirts



T-shirts have finally arrived!!! Go check out our T-shirts page!!!

 If you would like to sell them in your own community, please email us at .



This past week at Laurel School, Be.The.Change hosted a bagel drive through Monday 6/2 to Wednesday 6/4 that raised money for our cause. Thank you to everyone who donated and made the bagel drive successful.

We would like to give a special thanks to our donors who made the fundraiser possible: Bruegger’s Bagels (24215 Chagrin Blvd. Beachwood, and 6075 Mayfield Rd. Mayfield Heights).