"Giving the children of Olevolos hope through education to be the change in the world"  

There are three types of T-shirts:

unisex t-shirts

men's tight fitted t-shirts

women's tight fitted t-shirts

All t-shirts come in small, medium, large, and extra large. (the tight fitted t-shirts tend to run small; it is advised to go up one size)

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The logo for our T-shirts is an African symbol called the symbol Dwennimmen. It is the African symbol of Soul Experience, which is building the body, developing the mind, nurturing the heart, and feeding the soul. It symbolizes humility, wisdom, learning and strength in mind, body and spirit

The Africa in the center represents Be.The.Change's goal to enrich the lives of the children of Olevolos with knowledge, so they have the strength to grow, learn and be a change in the world.