"Giving the children of Olevolos hope through education to be the change in the world"  


Get Involved

If you would like to get involved you can:

  • Donate money
    • Any amount you pay will go directly towards supporting building the school for the orphans of Olevolos and buy educational toys, supplies, books and lunch for the students of the nursery school.
    • Make checks payable to "The Olevolos Project" and in the memo on the bottom write "Be.The.Change"
    • Send them to
        • Be.The.Change
          7794 Glenwood Circle
          Broadview Hts., OH
    • Donate your time by
        • raising funds
        • informing yourself about issues regarding education in Tanzania and spreading awareness
        • giving out our brochures
        • selling t-shirts
    • You can help organize or participate in various Fundraisers
        • Bake Sales
        • Benefit Dinners
        • Dances
        • Selling or buying our t-shirts
        • Any other ideas you have
    • Give out our brochures (right click and save picture as if you would like to print it out)

                    Please contact us at our email: